"Genius by Stephen Hawking"

Wednesdays, May 18 - June 1, at 9pm

PBS, with National Geographic as its international broadcast partner, has commissioned a new six-part science series, GENIUS BY STEPHEN HAWKING. Presented and narrated by renowned theoretical physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking, each episode presents a different group of ordinary people who will be challenged to think like the greatest scientific minds in history in order to solve some of humanity’s most enduring questions. Through the use of large-scale experiments and remarkable demonstrations, the program decodes the mysteries of evolutionary biology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics, solving questions like “Why am I here?,” “Are we alone?” and “Can we travel through time?” Each episode features three people with curious minds who must use their own intellect to learn what humanity’s most notable thinkers have discovered about the greatest scientific mysteries over the centuries. GENIUS takes its participants (and viewers at home) back in time – to ancient Greece, where Eratosthenes calculated the Earth’s circumference – and to more recent history and such thinkers as Edward Hubble, who uncovered and established the distances between our planet and the vast galaxies throughout the universe.