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April Highlights

  • Suze Orman
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Paul McCartney & Wings
  • Dr. Steven Masley
  • Heartbeat of Home

Feature of the Month

Star Gazers - Tax Day Total Lunar Eclipse
Tuesday, April 15th beginning at 2am

Seeing red on Tax Day? Even the Moon feels your pain. Starting at 2:00 a.m. April 15th the Moon will turn red as it enters the shadow of the Earth in a
Total Lunar Eclipse. It will last through around 4:30 a.m.

The crew of Star Gazers will be USTREAMing the eclipse from our studio
parking lot in North Miami so you don't have to go outside to see it, although
we do encourage you to see it with your own eyes. You can watch the whole thing from the comfort of your computer screen. Go to our "Stargazers"
website www.stargazersonline.org for all the info.

Keep Looking Up!