Serving America: Memories of Peace Corps
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Just weeks after his inauguration, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 10924, establishing the Peace Corps on a temporary pilot basis. By June 30, 1962, 2,816 volunteers are in the field in 28 host countries.

Serving America: Memories of Peace Corps, a WPBT2 original documentary, highlights the experiences of South Floridians who served in the first decade of the Peace Corps. Through a mix of archival film and photographs with personal stories from these returned volunteers, Serving America: Memories of Peace Corps tells a story of service and idealism while tracing the history and heritage of an organization has inspired more than 200,000 Americans to work for peace in 139 countries.

Who's Who in Serving America: Memories of Peace Corps

Donna Shalala
Donna Shalala, served in Iran
Terrance Lindemann
Terrance Lindemann, served in
Venezuela 1962-1964
Alberto Ibarguen
Alberto Ibarguen, served in
Venezuela & Columbia 1969-1971
Roland Foulkes
Roland Foulkes, served in Ghana, West Africa 1982-1984
Helene Ballman Dudley
Helene Ballman Dudley, served in Columbia 1968-1970
Marcia Lang
Marcia Lang, served in Guatemala 1963-1965
Randall E. Trudelle
Randall E. Trudelle, served in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru 1968-1971
Louise Morgan
Louise Morgan, served in Liberia, West Africa 1963-1965
Marge Melun
Marge Melun, served in Togo, Africa 1964-1966
Dan Boxser
Dan Boxser, served in Kenya 1968-1970
Anita Flenoy Rogers
Anita Flenoy Rogers, served in Afghanistan 1965 - 1966


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Susan Grundner
Oscar J. Lopez
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Peace Corps Office of Communication
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Executive Producer
Jack Kelly

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