Planning for Future Generations

South Florida PBS’ members generously provide annual dollars for current programming and educational needs. However, to be fiscally responsible and to sustain WPBT and WXEL’s combined 100 years of trusted, award winning content for toddlers and for the young at heart, we must continue to grow our endowment savings.

WHO: Our Legacy Society Members – endowment donors:
  • Expand South Florida PBS’s ability to spontaneously address and fund unexpected opportunities to educate, inspire and inform our viewers.
  • Provide for unexpected emergencies or economic hardships.
  • Fund emerging technological upgrades.
  • Ensure South Florida PBS’s long-term impact through the establishment, over time, of a substantial endowment.

WHAT: To join this vital group, please consider documenting a planned gift of at least $100,000 or making a current gift of at least $50,000 to the South Florida PBS endowment.

WHEN: Your investment in our South Florida PBS endowment is always welcomed and appreciated.

WHY:For our community, it is critical that our public television station, America’s most trusted public media company, has the means and savings to remain strong, responsive and independent for the future. When you join the Legacy Society, you make it possible for South Florida PBS to sustain our robust, energized, forward-focused non-profit public media station.

HOW: Perhaps one of the simplest ways to become a Legacy Society member is an outright gift to South Florida PBS in a donor’s will or revocable trust. When such a gift is made by will, it is called a ‘devise’ or ‘bequest’. Language to implement a gift of say $250,000* might read:

‘I devise the sum of $250,000 to South Florida PBS.’
(one might otherwise bequeath another amount or a portion of their estate)

A charitable bequest is just one of many planned giving arrangements you can use to benefit South Florida PBS. Moreover, we urge you to consult with your financial planner or estate attorney for more ideas and guidance.

For more information on becoming a Legacy Society member or letting us know you have made a provision for South Florida PBS in your estate plans, please call 1-877-272-7867.

*Gifts of $250,000 or more may provide for a permanent named endowed fund.

Thank You for supporting our South Florida PBS!


Please join us in celebrating the following members of The Legacy Society:

Dr. George Battle

Richard Bloomgarden

Val Carroll

Carolyn Chin

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Chodorkoff

Mary Courim

Charles Diamond

Elisa Duarte

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Duggan

Frederick L. Emery

Albert Epstein

Kathleen Flammia, Esq.

Lilly Knutsen Freeman

June H. Harbett

Darlene B. Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hofmann

Phyllis Hopman

Dr. & Mrs. Jay Hyman

Florence Keesely

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kirkpatrick

Dr. Neta Kolasa

Marjorie Korach

Donna Korora

Arlene Kubeja

Dr. Nathan Lessin & Theadora Woltch

Richard Levine

Alfred Allan Lewis

Norton Lyman

Suzanne McClanahan

Elliott Norkin

Frank J. & Adeline Pannzinno

Lynne Pariser

Robert B. Peters

Harry Peterson

Lily Pettyjohn

David Proskow

Judith Reinach

Nancy Reynolds

Roland W. Roberts

Mrs. Robert A. Rodi

Audrey H. Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ross

Rhoda Rubin

Leo M. & Alice J. Rutter

Evelyn R. Schwartz

Sally Scrimgeour

Mrs. Henry O. Shaw

Mark Shaw

Frank J. Skinner

Jacqueline Smith

Dr. Arthur Sokoloff

Dorothy St. Jean

Stanley Sterbenz

Lysbeth H. Toro

Gale Goldstein Tucker

Anna Rose Tykulsker

Roberta Waller

Rev. Marta S. Weeks-Wulf

Susan Weichsel

Julia A. Wingard

Mr. & Mrs. F. Louis Wolff

Jack R. Wood

For further information and assistance with giving opportunities please contact our Development Department at 1-877-272-7867 or email development@southfloridapbs.org